Bacalar, The Laguna of Seven Colors

Lake Bacalar

Bacalar, Mexico is located in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo in the southeastern part of Mexico, near the Belize border. Bacalar is also the name of the amazing fresh-water lagoon on the east side of the town. The name Bacalar most likely derives from Mayan languagesb’ak halal, meaning “surrounded by reeds”. Laguna Bacalar is also called the Laguna of Seven Colors due to its exceptional blue and turquoise hues. Check out these amazing views of Laguna Bacalar. You’ll definitely want to visit.

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Hot Tips for Handling Foreign Currency

hot tips to handle foreign currency

As I was traveling to the airport this morning, I was casually talking to my Uber driver about traveling. I mentioned that I had just returned from Mexico and he immediately started asking me questions about how to handle money in Mexico.

I started answering all his questions and realized I have been asked this question so many times that this is information that should be shared with all travelers.

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Making Memorable Moments

Make Memorable Moments

Human beings are amazing creatures.  And as such, we have several ways in which we make long-lasting memories.  The 5 senses are key to making memories. Why?  The same part of the brain that’s in charge of processing our senses is also responsible, at least in part, for storing emotional memories.

Most everyone loves to travel, and if you want to make amazing memories to relive long after the vacation is over, try these 5 tips. The 5 tips are directly related to the 5 senses.

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Mahahual – the Hidden Jewel of Yucatan Peninsula

Mahahual Best Beach in Mexico

Mahahual ( Costa Maya ) is located in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo in an area known collectively as the Costa Maya. Mahahual is 350 kilometers south of Cancun and 100 kilometers north of the Belize border. Just south of Tulum, this isolated village is the hidden jewel of the Yucatan Peninsula. Check out these amazing views of Mahahual.

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Magical Chicago Train Weekend

As you have heard me say before, I love trains.  I love purple amd llamas too, but those topics are for another time.  I seek out train rides as often as I can. 

This past August, I was looking to add another trip to the schedule.  We had just come back from Austin, Tx and I realized I didnt have my next trip planned   I like to make sure I keep some travel trips on the books at all times.  Read How-i-travel-365-a-year to find out why! There really are benefits to planning your next adventure. 

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Burning Bowl Ceremony for the New Year

Burning Bowl Ceremony

The New Year is upon us and it’s a time of traditions. Fireworks, resolutions, black-eyed peas, champagne and kisses at midnight! And everyone is talking about New Year’s resolutions and New Year’s goals. If you are going to set new goals for the new year, I think you have to start by making space for those goals. Clearing out the old ideas, old thoughts and old burdens that no longer serve us. This year, let go of the past and start a new tradition to ring in the new year, a ceremony called the Burning Bowl Ceremony.

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Are you CLEAR about the Possibilities?

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Never get stuck in security lines again!

Imagine yourself booked on a tropical vacation in the sunny paradise of Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.   Flights confirmed. Resort booked.  Bags packed.  You arrive at the airport 2.5 hours early only to realize by some glitch in the system, the security line is a 3-hour long wait. 

You sink.  Your heart drops into your stomach.  Your nerves flare up and anxiety slowly spreads over your whole body. This was me in Feb 2016. I was living in Austin, Tx at the time, and  I had planned a trip to Playa with my significant other.  We broke up 3 weeks before the trip.  I was determined to go anyway, to go solo if I had too.  I needed this trip to mend some broken pieces. 

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Rocky Mountain Reservoir. Lake Dillon

Dillon Reservoir Lake Dillion

This little-know reservoir in Dillon, Colorado provides picturesque views to behold. Known as the Dillion Reservoir, or Lake Dillon, this reservoir has a rich history. The Dillon damn was built in 1963 creating a reservoir to combat drought conditions of the 50’s. The town of Dillon was moved to the east when the damn was built. The snow melt from the Rocky Mountains fills the reservoir with chilly water, ranging from 43 degrees in the winter to 63 degrees in the summer.

The Roberts tunnel took 18 years to build and transports water from the reservoir under the mountain, across the Continental Divide and down to the South Platte River to supply crystal clear drinking water for about 1/3 of the Denver population.

Check out this picturesque winter scene captured by drone.

Panoramic View of Dillon Reservoir

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